Centres of Excellence for PVNH Care

PVNH specialists and researchers around the world have teamed up with PVNH Support & Awareness to create Centres of Excellence for PVNH Care.

PVNH patients will have not only have access to some of the top specialists in neuronal heterotopia disorders, but each Centre collaborates with PVNH Support & Awareness on research plans, possible second opinions when needed, and liaise with different specialists and care givers about the multi-symptoms caused by PVNH disorders.



6 Responses to Centres of Excellence for PVNH Care

  1. stephanie aucunas says:

    How do I find a list of these centers? And how do I find physicians that specialize in this?
    Please respond. Thank you,
    Stephanie Aucunas

  2. Yolaine Dupont says:

    Hi Stephanie, Our apologies for the delayed response to your question which was originally flagged as spam. There are a few specialized centres in different countries, and as we make progress, more neurologists and physicians who are becoming better versed in PVNH matters. Where are you located? You may be interested in joining our online support community. We can sennd you details.

  3. Julia Bosma says:

    My son was just diagnosed with PVNH after years of epilepsy. We live in Denver, CO. Where is the closest Center of Excellence?

    Thank you,

    Julia Bosma

  4. Yolaine Dupont says:

    Hi Julia, Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, my PC had some healt issues of it’s own! I have sent you a private message on Facebook. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yolaine

  5. Clare says:

    Hello my grandson has been diagnosed with band heterotopia and we don’t seem to be getting any information are answers about thus rare condition could someone help

  6. Yolaine Dupont says:

    Hi Clare, I’ll send you an email in a few minutes. Hang in there! Yolaine

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