Did you celebrate World PVNH Disorder Awareness Day? Follow us on social media & get involved in the conversation on August 7, and beyond!  See what we planned for 2019! A montage of our best photos will be available soon. 

Some of the 2018 PVNH Day Illuminations, from top left to bottom right: Spinnaker Tower (UK), Peace Bridge (Canada/USA), The CN Tower (Canada), Sails of Light (Canada), High Level Bridge (Canada), Science World (Canada), Bell Tower (Australia), BC Place and Calgary Tower (Canada).  All photos used with permissions during our 2018 illuminations and events. 

Remember to wear pink and / yellow clothing or accessories. You can also decorate your home, place of business, office with pink and yellow balloons, flowers, candies, lanterns. Be creative!  Share your photos @PVNHsupport and @PVNHday on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using  ‪#PVNHloud and ‎#PVNHDay‬. You can also join our event on World PVNH Disorder Day on Facebook. 

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PVNH stands for Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia. Sometimes referred to grey matter heterotopia. And also as PNH is medical journals.  It is a rare neuronal migration disorder which is also known as  BPH, BPNH, PNH, PVH, subependymal heterotopia or GMH. It can includes a variant, PVNH with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, otherwise known as PVNH4. There is also a form of neuronal heterotopia disorder called Sub-cortical Band Heterotopia, also known as Double Cortex.

PVNH Support & Awareness proudly supports with more than 500 families in 33 countries and collaborates with world’s specialists, researchers, rare disease organisations and other groups of interests to make a positive impact in the lives of those affected by these disorders.

Here is what an MRI with typical PVNH looks like.Typical PVNH presentation on MRI

PVNH Support  & Awareness TM is a nonprofit organization of international reach which collaborates with PVNH genetic leaders, specialists, researchers. We also have alliances with some of the most outstanding rare disease advocates worldwide. PVNH Support  & Awareness TM was founded in November 2009 as a legacy for my daughter, Ella Dupont Bedassie. Ella was 7 months and 20 days when she passed away from respiratory failure brought on by what we did not know at the time was a rare disease: X-Linked Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia, with Ehlers Danlos syndrome (PVNH4).

PVNH Support  & Awareness TM exists to give affected patients and families a gathering place and to educate patients, families as well as medical and other communities about PVNH and other neuronal heteropia disorders.

This is for Ella, so that her death is not in vain and her memory keeps on living, forever.

Get your #pinkandyellow ready and join us on August 7th as we celebrate the 7th World PVNH Disorder Awareness Day!!