World PVNH Disorder Awareness Day

In August 2012, as Yolaine Dupont prepared to posthumously celebrate her daughter Ella’s 4th birthday, she united PVNH experts from around the globe to declare August 7 “World PVNH Disorder Awareness Day”.  First to sign the declaration, was Dr. S. Robertson (New Zealand), followed by Drs. C. Cardoso and C. Goizet (France), B. Chang (USA), Dr. Kasper (Germany), R. Guerrini (Italy), R. de Coo (Netherlands), D. Morris-Rosendhal (UK), C. Van Karnebeek (Canada), Dr. Gil-Nadal (Spain) along with the support of Dr. R. Leventer (Australia).

Dr Robertson, first to sign the PVNH Declaration in 2012, 2 weeks before our 1st World PVNH Day

Dr. Chang signs in the USA

Dr. Kasper signs in Germany

Dr Gil-Nadal signs in Spain

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Remember to wear pink and / yellow clothing or accessories. You can also decorate your home, place of business, office with pink and yellow balloons, flowers, candies, lanterns. Be creative!  Share your photos @PVNHsupport and @PVNHday on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using  ‪#‎PVNHDay‬. You can also join our event on World PVNH Disorder Day on Facebook. 

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