2023 World PVNH Day

On August 7, we’ll celebrate the 12th edition of World PVNH Disorder Awarenaess Day.

World PVNH Awareness Day is on August 7th.

We are working hard to secure illuninations and proclamations to ‘Paint it Pink & Yellow’ in support of enfants, kids and adults affected by Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia (PVNH) as well as those impacted by other forms of Grey Matter Heterotopia (GMH), such as Subcortical Band Heterotopia (SBH).

We invite adults affected by PVNH, GHM or SBH as well as parents of children impacted by it and their family to wear pink and ywllow on August 7th, as well as share their stories in social media.

Tag @PVNHsupport on Instagram and Twitter, and PVNH Support & Awareness on Facebook and LinkedIn, with#PVNH, #GMH or #SBH, #PVNHawareness (or SBH or GMH), #PVNHday and #PVNHsupport.

If you wish to submit a story for our website or our social media, please contact info at PVNH support dot come.